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You become an angel

By pledging $40 a month. This money gets stored in your account for you to use when you choose to buy wine, like a piggy bank! If for some reason you decide to leave us (Sad face...) you can get all that money back, guaranteed!

We invest your money in independent winemakers

We use the money you pledge to invest in independent winemakers, who are passionate about making a wine on their own terms, but don't have the capital to do so. Like a bank of goodness!

In return you save 40% to 60% on all our wines

Thanks to your investment, the winemakers can focus on making wine, instead of spending a lot of time and money on expensive marketing efforts. You get great wines at great prices!

And a FREE sample bottle every month

Each month, we offer several hundred sample bottles worth at least $19.99 -- any Angel that orders at least 11 bottles can add that sample bottle to their case for free (while supplies last).

Become an Angel today and change a winemaker's life while getting great wines at affordable prices.

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Your money back if you don't like the wines

Walk away at any time and get your money back


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