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These are the MarketPlace deals we have coming up over the next few months.

October 10th
Jose Toso

Jose Toso

Since being crowned our $500k Zero to Hero champion, Jose's life has changed for the better. He's been putting the prize money to good use - taste his first exclusive Angel-funded wines on MarketPlace.

Price:around £48

Delivery:around Christmas

October 24th
Italian Discoveries

Italian Discoveries

Before leaving us, winemaker Robin Langton kindly uncovered a cracking new Soave and Chianti producer just in time for Christmas. Grab a deal on the first shipment here.



November 7th
JP Lacaze

JP Lacaze

Iconic winemaker Jean Pascal is putting the finishing touches to his 2011 Angels Selection Cabernet-Syrah, and you get first dibs and a tasty discount if you can help him now.

Price:around £39


November 21st
Secret Winemaker

Secret winemaker

In our last MarketPlace deal before Christmas, we've got some scrumptious German Pinot Noir lined up. Your trusty Archangels blind-tasted their way through 26 unrepresented German Pinots to decide a winner. You'll just have to wait until November 21st to find out!

Price:around £70

Delivery:around Christmas

*Prices and delivery dates are approximate and subject to change. All deals go live at midnight.

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