Andres Sanchez
  • A family-run business set-up in 1990 by Francisco Gillmore and his daughter and son-in-law
  • They have a very simple philosophy of using the best fruit, to produce small parcels of fine mouth-watering wine
  • Members of MOVI, Chile's movement for boutique, independent winemakers, we're chuffed to be teaming up with Andre and team!

Andres Sanchez's Story

 “I was born in Santiago, and I decide to study enology, I went to University here in Chile. When I was studing it was amazing to see the grapes, the different flavors, areas, and wines. In my second year I worked for the summer at la Rosa winery, then I did my first harvest at Casa Donoso with Randy Ullom from KJ, and that Winter I work with him assisting with the blendings. When I finish university I went to California to work with Randy and I was there for 4 months.When I came back I became the assitant wine maker for Calina. In 1997 we were buying grapes from Limari to Itata, making Wines all over Chile`s grape area. In 1999 I went to Tuscany for the harvest and in 2000 I became winemaker for Calina in Chile and Mendoza and consulting in Italy.

 In 2003 I decided to be independent and I became consulting winemaker for Calina, El Principal, Reserva de Caliboro, Altos de Mujica and some small wineries from the Loncomilla Valley and Mayor Winemaker at Gillmore a family proyect were I work with my wife. In these years I have been trying to make the best Wines from loncomilla valley and show to the people the potencial of the area. Now is my time to make my own wines! I am very excited about working just for myself getting to do this with Naked Wines support is amazing.

 I`m a very passionate man I love to create and work in an artisan way. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to make wines and be involve in all the whole process. Life is great.”


Andres Sanchez

A member of MOVI, a fantastic Chilean movement for independent winemakers who produce hand-crafted wines

Andres Sanchez


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