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This 6-pack from Napa's legendary Silver Oak and Dominus alum is yours for $10 down – $63.99 gift included








Market Price: $382.99

Angel price: $123.99

Yours for $10 down

You'll pay the rest when your Cabernet ships in Fall 2021.

Here, I can gather many threads from the warp and woof of my life fabric – and pay homage to the many mentors in Napa Valley and Bordeaux who have informed my passion for winemaking over these decades.

It is a dream come true for me to bring 50 years of winemaking into one bottle and offer it to you.


- Your winemaker, Daniel Baron

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Support a Napa legend – secure a legendary Cabernet

Pre-order 6 bottles of Daniel's Francophone Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 for $10 down, and you’ll pay the rest when the wine ships in Fall 2021.




Limit 12 bottles | 2 (6-packs) per Angel

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