Australia Rescue Pre-order - 100% of proceeds go to charity

To fight a crisis this powerful, we need a community that’s equally powerful… yours.

Join us in helping Australia by reserving a charitable pack of wines. All proceeds from the Australia Rescue 6-pack will be donated to fire relief and recovery. 

$31,945 raised
of our $50,000 goal!

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Pre-order the Australia Rescue Pack - 100% of proceeds support fire relief

  • You can support Australia by pre-ordering this 6-pack of wines! All proceeds outside of taxes support local fire relief and recovery efforts chosen by Angels in Australia.

  • You'll get Shiraz and a rich red from Hunter Valley, classic Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc from Adelaide, Rutherglen Cabernet Merlot, and a crisp Riesling-based blend from the Clare Valley hills. It's a true love letter to Australia – and the wines they make best.

  • Please be an Angel and flex those wings. Reserve yours – delivery included (and a warm & fuzzy feeling guaranteed.)

    *Update* Due to processing delays, your wine will arrive in early June 2020. We're asking for Angels to pay the full cost up-front so we can send a donation immediately. 

Australia needs us

If you haven’t heard the news already, Australia’s rampant bushfires have consumed over 6.3 million hectares (that’s 15.6 million acres of land) since last fall – destroying countless farms, homes, forests, vineyards and habitats for endangered wildlife to live. 

That’s 8 times the size of the California wildfires that struck in 2017 and 2019 combined.

When Angels come together in times of need, you do incredible things... like raise $800,000 for fire relief, fund community-changing soup kitchens, and start research funds for children with congenital heart defects – this is clearly one of those times too.

If you'd like to get involved, please join us in helping Australia with this rescue pack. To fight a crisis this powerful, we need a community that’s equally powerful… yours.