Fire Recovery Pre-order - 100% of sales goes to charity

Thanks for supporting fire recovery efforts – your pre-order of Cellar Crew is changing lives 

Every cent from your pre-order benefits fire relief and recovery efforts in California. You're helping the devastated communities that need it most. We committed to raising at least $500,00 for fire relief with this pre-order, and you've blown us away – we've raised over $800,000! 

$832,762 raised so far!

Fire Recovery Pre-order
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Fire Recovery Pre-order - 100% of sales support fire relief efforts

  • Every penny you spend on this pre-order will go to the people who need it most. While the big winery-owners are insured, many of the people who do the hard work in the cellars, vineyards and our local community are devastated by the fires.

  • Enter in the Angel-funded cellar team – the talented folks that work behind-the-scenes at your Angel-funded winery. They banded together to create a relief red, with 100% of the money (except for taxes) from this pre-order going to organizations who help those in need.

  • What other wine company will donate to a good cause and let you get a delicious pack of reds as a thank you? You can enjoy a special wine knowing you’re doing good, every sip of the way.

The cellar team came together to make you an exclusive red – with a special purpose

Who's in the crew? Jorge Aleman Reyes, José Molina, Fabian Abud and Chuck Howse - four incredibly talented guys who manage every tank and barrel at your Angel-funded winery.

Two weeks ago, these guys felt helpless as the Sonoma fires burned all around our winery in Kenwood. The flames were literally yards away from our Angel-funded winery, and if the winds had blown a little differently that day, we would have lost a year’s production.

Not everybody was so lucky - the fire tore through communities and neighborhoods leaving hundreds homeless in the blink of an eye. Your cellar crew wanted to do something about it - celebrate the fact they have wine to share, and make a difference with what they’ve got.

With this special pre-order, you can help give money to those who need it most... like the hard-working residents of neighborhoods like Coffey Park that lost everything.

Where the money's going

Every penny you spend on this pre-order will go to the people who need it most. 

You are supporting 501(c)(3) organizations that provide:

  • Access to urgent health care and trauma care

  • Dispatching medical professionals to disaster recovery centers

  • A safe place to sleep, far away from hazardous chemicals and smoke

  • Transportation for families to evacuation centers, work and school

  • Emergency aid for infants including diapers and formula

  • Internet, phone and computer access for use searching for housing and employment

  • Providing nutritious foods in evacuation centers and shelters

  • Arranging for the removal of hazardous ash and debris in impacted neighborhoods

And you've made an incredible impact with the Anova School with a $500,000 gift

Your generous donations helped this provider of educational, behavioral and therapy services for children and teens diagnosed with high-functioning autism and other learning differences start over after they lost everything. You provided desks, school supplies, reading materials, therapy tools – everything these students need to succeed.




" proves that individual small contributions really add up to make an incredibly significant difference to those in need during these fires. We are tremendously grateful for the incredible generosity of the company and its customers." 

– Terence Mulligan
Napa Valley Community Foundation President


"My son goes to Anova. It has always been a place of comfort and support where everyone feels like family and it was devastating to lose it to the Tubbs fire. Your incredible gift brings so many of us joy and a true sense of community!" 

– Elise Gow
The Anova School




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