"F it" Friday

"F it" Friday

Started 04/28/2014 by Kent Reynolds - Naked in NorCal





It's Friday! What to open? Options A-E? Or Option F: All of the above?
"F it!" It's Friday!
Let us all know what you will be drinking on the upcoming Friday night!

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Karen Smith
Miss Carol Palkki-Sarna
Kent Reynolds - Naked in NorCal
linda Alli
Kristin Oehlke
Rick Brumm Naked in South Carolina
Belle Valier disrobed in Seattle
Bonnie Urban
Jurhee Ivy--with a proud Texas Halo
Cassandra Kjos
Jan Waite-Schuster (Naked in WI)
Teresa Kovalcson
Ronni Graff
Traci Watkins & McKenna Jackson
jeremy cadotte
Stephanie Harris
Beth thankful and smiling
Valerie Fraser
Randy Barker naked in Kansas
Gerry Gollwitzer Naked in WI & NC