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5 years ago

We really enjoyed drinking the Bear and Crown 2011 Sonoma Zinfandel with our local Columbia River Gorge lamb shanks, slow roasted in red wine and herbes de Provence sauce served with roast garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and crusty bread for dipping. A little bit of heaven on a cold, rainy Saturday night in Washington state, let me tell ya!

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wow sounds fantastic. invite me next time!

5 years ago


Bien sur! Actually I'd also invite you the next time I make boeuf bourguignon - in late summer when my shallots are ready: how about we do the boeuf part and you bring your excellent bourguignon? LOL!

5 years ago

good call! The B&C Zin is delicious and your pairing sounds exquisite

5 years ago

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