New Winemakers

New Winemakers

Started 05/22/2012 by Ryan O'Connell





This group is for new winemakers who are just joining the and for the Angels who want to help them do just that. If you've ever wanted to strike up a casual conversation with a winemaker, this is the group for you. :)

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Sharon Weeks
Larry Reilley Naked in PA & NJ
Miss Carol Palkki-Sarna
Patty Collins
Vanessa Ochoa
Pam & Doug Luther
Rod MacArthur is Archaic in WA
Belle Valier disrobed in Seattle
Dave Harvey
Jurhee Ivy--with a proud Texas Halo
Poor Robert
Greg Golden
LaDonna Needs more wine
Karen Smith
Cheryl Ferrara
Rick Brumm Naked in South Carolina
Ondine Chattan
Caroline S Naked West Virginian Duck Farmer
Donna Walsh Wine Geek in FL &VT
Randy Hester