The Experience

The Experience

Started 08/07/2014 by Tim O'Connor





Discuss the wine experiences you have had with the Wines. Shared stories and detailed descriptions of the wines you enjoyed with family or friends and everything else that gets you excited about

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Tim O'Connor
Josette DiCarlo
Miss Carol Palkki-Sarna
Poor Robert
Carol Lynn Coronios - Naked in NY
Kristin Oehlke
Rod MacArthur is Archaic in WA
Larry Reilley Naked in PA & NJ
Bonnie Urban
Karen Smith
Rick Brumm Naked in South Carolina
Donna Walsh Wine Geek in FL &VT
Pam & Doug Luther
Kent Reynolds - Naked in NorCal
Patty Collins
Lisa Kettler
Belle Valier disrobed in Seattle
Valerie Fraser
linda Alli
Angela Goydish