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Veteran Wine Advisor... turned Winemaker!

    • David Kohler is a Naked original. He joined our ranks back in 2012 and became the company's first Wine Advisor - he's the in-house expert on every Angel-funded wine you fund. (He's tasted through THOUSANDS of bottles!)
    • We all knew David loved DRINKING wine. We just didn't know about his secret ambition to make it! 
    • We polled Angels to see if you wanted to make this beloved Wine Advisor your very own winemaker… and you’re incredibly smart, so you did! Thanks to you, David got to trade in a desk and a phone for a life at the winery... and he's not looking back.

David Kohler's Story

I have been working in the wine industry on the sales side for the last 15 years.  I have tasted through thousands of wines and have learned what I like as well what my customers like when it comes to making a great wine.  

Wine is very subjective and I've learned to appreciate a fine wine even if it's not my style, but can recognize it as something one of my customer's would love.  I have worked in various companies where wines were $10 per bottle to $1000 per bottle.

I have always had a dream of making a chardonnay in the the style I love.  Something that is rich and complex with lots of tropical notes and a healthy dose of French oak.

Thanks to Angels, 2016 is my first vintage.  My label "Canopy" is inspired by the Old Growth Redwood trees of Northern California.  I spend a lot of summers enjoying the outdoors with these magnificent trees, many of which are over 1000 years old. Every year we build upon the outdoor infrastructure we have created to spend time in the woods.  We hike, swim, fish, and maintain our property and of course, drink lots of wine.

I have loved interacting with Angels and helping them choose the wines I think they will enjoy most. I have also been fortunate to partner with companies that help us get our name out there, so we can get more people to try our wines.  And finally, work with talented winemakers that consulted with me to help me make the wine I've always wanted to make.

Wine is very personal to me and this Angel-funded wine is made in the style that I like most.  The time and care that was put into this wine by me and those at the winery was a bonding experience for me and I recognize what an amazing job our crew does at the winery.

I would love the opportunity to make another vintage. Thank you for making this wine possible. I hope you buy it and love it!

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