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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Ana Diogo-Draper Amador Tempranillo 2017

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Young, talented Portuguese winemaker that's made Napa her home

    • In a little over a decade since her move to California, Portugal-born Ana has gone from harvest intern to Director of Winemaking at Artesa, a winery in Napa's southwest hills.
    • She's a really talented young winemaker who has worked at some of the best wineries in California  – and she knows her way around an incredibly elegant, well-balanced bottle.
    • Ana is determined to introduce new and interesting varietals to Angels... and with your full support, she has no limits!

Portugual-born Ana Diogo-Draper has taken California by storm since her move to the States in 2005, going from harvest intern to chief winemaker in a little over a decade. Starting out as an intern for Napa's Rutherford Hill, she's led Artesa as their Director of Winemaking since 2015... and has been making killer wines for Naked Angels for four years along the way.

Ana's wine style is fun and diverse. She likes to play with lesser known-varietals just as much as everyday favorites. "A little inside secret – winemakers love to make wines that they love to drink," said Ana. Expect a whole lot of love from this Napa-based winemaker. 


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