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Vineyard manager of Domaine Chandon for 20 years striking out on his own

    • Ernie's wines are regularly served at the White House -- he's one of Napa's go-to winemakers.
    • The vineyard and nursery manager for a little place called Domaine Chandon for 20 years before starting his own line of award-winning wines. Now he owns and operates Hagafen Cellars in Napa.
    • This guy believes in great wine without any nonsense - just world-class value without any pomp or circumstance. And the wines he made for you are all Kosher!

Ernie Weir's Story

"Many years ago, I relocated to Napa Valley in order to learn how to grow wine grapes.  From that start, I also became curious to learn to make wine.  That was 1973 in an era of great expansion in Napa with many open minded and keen folks striving to learn and master the craft.  

I went to UCLA in 1972 and UC Davis for a BS in Viticulture in 1980 -- I worked for Domaine Chandon 1974-1997 as vineyard and nursery manager, with lots of overseas travel to Champagne and Australia.

Now I've got 21 acres of beautiful Napa Valley vineyards all fully producing great wines."

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