Naked Winemaker

Jacqueline Bahue

An incredible Napa talent - you discovered her first!

    • Jacqueline landed a prestigious winemaking gig in her early twenties - and has spent a decade’s worth of harvests in wine capitals including Umbria, Ribera del Duero, Hawke’s Bay, Sonoma and Napa, collaborating with hundreds of Angel-funded winemakers along the way. To say she’s a brilliant talent is putting it lightly!

    • You put her in charge of the winemaking team at your Angel-funded winery, where she built a state-of-the-art facility from scratch. In the 4 years she spent working as your Director of Winemaking, she nurtured thousands of your exclusive wines from barrel to bottle – including her own decadent Pinot and Cabernet Franc with skyrocketing ratings.
    • Now, Jacqueline’s set on her next adventure, and she’s crafting regionally-focused wines from across California. Keep your eye on her – we’re prepared for this woman to take over the world.

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