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Justin's Wines

Pioneering Washington winemakers - working together at last!

    • Katy and Justin Michaud are two of Washington's most talented young winemakers – the folks behind award-winning wines at Canoe Ridge, Kim Crawford, Covey Run and Coyote Canyon.

    • They’ve had huge success individually - and thanks to Angels, this husband-wife duo are creating their own wines together (for the first time ever!) They’re psyched to join forces and introduce more spectacular cool-climate wines to Angels across the US.

    • Washington produces vibrant, fruit-driven wines that you just can't capture in California – the moment we tasted Katy and Justin's wines we knew we were onto something that would give Napa a run for its money!

Katy and Justin's Story

When there are two winemakers in the house it is inevitable you talk shop - and that's exactly what happened to Katy and Justin. Though they've each had incredibly successful careers individually, they've talked and dreamed about making a wine together for over a decade... "while making dinner, while watching our kid's games, coffee in the morning, it's all fair game," says Justin.

Katy was first introduced to the Angel community in 2014, when she became an independent winemaker for the first time - after years working at Washington's top wineries, including Canoe Ridge and Kim Crawford. As Katy was developing her incredibly popular Washington Rieslings and Cabernets for Angels, Justin was winning gold medals in rapid succession for a small Washington wine estate brand - Coyote Canyon. 

Thanks to Angels, these are combining forces -  and are looking forward to building on Katy's incredibly popular Michaud brand. They have a lot of big plans up their sleeve – and a plenty of new Washintgon wines for you to enjoy.

"We're excited to bring our individual styles together under our Michaud family brand, and can't wait to see what this new venture has in store for us, and the amazing Nakedwines.com Angels who made it possible," Katy explains, adding, "two heads are better than one. I am gonna say creative differences will come up and that mostly, I am right."

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