Naked Winemaker

Meaghan Hodge & Stephen Millier



Your #1 winemaker and his talented granddaughter take on Calaveras wines

  • Fresh out of Cal Poly’s enology program, Meaghan’s teaming up with the most popular winemaker on and YOUR 3-time Winemaker of the Year – her very own grandpa, Stephen Millier – to make a signature line of Gold Country wines.

  • Meaghan is ready to get to work with Grandpa by her side, crafting single-vineyard specialties that really show off the Calaveras land they both love. 

  • With Angel support, Meaghan has officially become the second generation Millier winemaker... and a humbled Stephen is tipping his hat to you. “Thank you to Angels for making this collaboration possible,” your #1 winemaker says. “This is a true dream come true!"

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