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Meaghan's Wines

Your #1 winemaker and his talented granddaughter take on Calaveras wines

    • Fresh out of Cal Poly’s enology program, Meaghan’s teaming up with the most popular winemaker on and YOUR 3-time Winemaker of the Year – her very own grandpa, Stephen Millier – to make a signature line of Gold Country wines.

    • Meaghan is ready to get to work with Grandpa by her side, crafting single-vineyard specialties that really show off the Calaveras land they both love. 

    • With Angel support, Meaghan has officially become the second generation Millier winemaker... and a humbled Stephen is tipping his hat to you. “Thank you to Angels for making this collaboration possible,” your #1 winemaker says. “This is a true dream come true!"

Stephen's Story

He's the #1 direct-to-consumer winemaker in America, the most popular winemaker on and Angels' 3-time Winemaker of the Year – but Stephen Millier would like you to know that first and foremost, he's Meaghan Hodge's grandpa.

And thanks to Angel funding, he's playing the role of coach and mentor to this talented new winemaker, collaborating with her to create's first line of single-vineyard Calaveras County wines.

"There's something special in knowing that we have 30 or 40 chances in a lifetime to try and get it right," Stephen said. "I love starting fresh with every harvest with new grapes, new wine and new hope."

Now he gets to experience that new hope through his granddaughter's eyes. 

Meaghan's Story

Growing up in the rocky hills of Calaveras County surrounded by barrels, wines and a winemaking family, it felt natural for Meaghan to enroll in the enology program at Cal Poly - where she recently earned her winemaking degree.

Check. That was step one of the family dream. With Angels' help, she's on to step two: creating her very first line of Calaveras County wines.

"My grandpa has had a very fulfilled career, and I am excited and looking forward to building mine," she says.

Meaghan's embracing her winemaking legacy and collaborating with Stephen to introduce wine drinkers to a whole new side of Gold County – including the first single-vineyard projects from the region that really embrace the land and family history she loves.

"I love the beauty in the chaos of harvesting and making wines," Meaghan said. "I feel blessed to be capable of doing what I love every day."

And with her first projects for, Meaghan has officially become the second generation Millier winemaker. Her biggest fan – a beaming Stephen Millier – is right by her side in the cellar, mentoring her at the beginning of her career. 

"My inspiration for winemaking has always been grandpa," Meaghan says. "I look forward to learning more from him... and so much from the Angels, too. Here's to making more wines alongside you!"

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