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This 4th generation Sonoma family showcases the beauty of Dry Creek Valley!

    • In June 2019, the Sainis – a 4th generation farming family in Dry Creek and Alexander Valley – opened up their first tasting room to feature wines crafted and made on their family land. They were forced to close less than a year later, following state COVID closures.

    • “We’ve closed our doors twice for crisis,” Mike said – for the Kincade Fire (Nov 2019) and now for the COVID-19 pandemic. With limited restaurant and DTC sales, the Sainis are inundated with wine, with no room to bottle future vintages. Cue Angels!

    • Lucky us. Mike Saini has a real passion for Sonoma, coupled with a truly special familiarity with every vineyard block responsible for the wines he makes. Look forward to a jaw-dropping introduction to Dry Creek Valley from a family who loves it most.

The Saini Family's Story

Mike Saini is part of a 4th generation Sonoma County grapegrowers who have farmed grapes in both the Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys for over 100 years. Renowned for their integrity, attention to detail and impeccable farming skills, the Saini family's passion for quality coupled with experience and familiarity of their Sonoma farmland sets their wines apart.

The Saini legacy began in 1908, when Michele Saini came to the US from Genova, Italy. The Sonoma property he purchased produced pears, apples, prunes, and wine grapes, and over the decades, Michele and his family built a solid reputation as area grapegrowers, selling to some of the best wineries in Sonoma County.

Now the 4th generation to take on the family farm, Mike's living his dream of making wine under his own label from grapes grown on his family’s land. You can show your support for Mike by enjoying a bottle (or three) of his Dry Creek Valley wine range, releasing for Angels in Spring 2021.

Hear more of the Saini family's wine story first hand by tuning into the Wine Road Podcast. 

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