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Nicholas & Marshall's Wines

The 5th generation to tend to California's biggest name vineyards

    • Brothers Nicholas and Marshall Miller are 5th generation farmers, and they’ve tended to the most famous vineyards along the California coast – Bien Nacido and French Camp – practically since birth.

    • Seriously, put those vineyards’ names in an internet browser. Hundreds of famous and pricey wines pop up – but none have the Miller name on the bottle. Why? When you have famous fruit like theirs, it’s promised to other winemakers years in advance…

    • With your funding, they signed a new contract – with themselves. Now, these grape growers-turned-producers are making their own wines from the coastal land they love so dearly – including Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. This is what Angel support is all about!

Nicholas and Marshall's Story

Nicholas and Marshall Miller are brothers and the youngest in a 5th generation line of history-making California farmers. The vineyards their dad and uncle planted, and the brothers now tend – ”Bien Nacido” in Santa Maria Valley and “French Camp” in the Paso Robles Highlands – are two of the biggest vineyard names in California.

"Our family has been growing crops since 1871," said Nicholas, "and it's our experience with the land that has provided a wealth of vineyard knowledge and helps us to create wines with the very best pedigree.

Owning world-famous vineyards has its downsides – with countless multi-year grape contracts long ago signed, these brothers have been committed to growing top-quality fruit for other producers – and not making wines of their own.

Nick and Marshall MillerWith the help of, the Brothers Miller are becoming full-fledged producers, too – and it's a historic moment they don't take lightly.

“Thanks to the Angels, we've been given a canvas to paint the most inspired picture – and we plan on using our vineyards and winemaking to fulfill that dream," said Nicholas. "Thanks for investing in us and our vision.”

With your support, these grapegrowers-turned-winemakers are ready to show off the wines of the California coast with an ace in their pocket – who makes wines better than the grape growers themselves?!

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