Naked Winemaker

Quevedo Family

Some of the finest Port producers we've come across, who also happen to make excellent wines!


Quevedo's Wines

  • Portugal
  • 5 wines
  • 3 styles
  • 3× crisp whites
  • 1× big red
  • 1× fruity red
    • Along with his sister Claudia, Oscar Quevedo has brought a new lease of life to his old family vineyard. And they're making you fantastic wines in the process!
    • Having had over 100 years of experience in Port, the Quevedos turned their expertise to still wines just a few years ago.
    • With your support, they're introducing Angels to the best wines in Portugal. Oscar found true happiness in the vines of his family business – and YOU gave him that!


Quevedo's Activity