Naked Winemaker

Penelope Gadd-Coster

The expert behind the most famous sparkling in America

    • If it's famous and fizzy, chances are – Penelope's the talent behind it.  As Director of Winemaking for the top sparkling production company in CA, she’s made hundreds of iconic bubbles over the years!

    • Discretion is key here – when you work with prestigious sparkling houses like she does, you keep the name dropping to a minimum. But it's fair to say her talent has influenced the famous sparkling you know and love.

    • With 30+ years of winemaking under her belt, Penelope is an expert at making those wines to spec. But thanks to you and her friends at Breathless (a female-led Healdsburg winery) she’s making exclusive sparkling of her very own. For the very first time!


Penelope's Activity