Camille Benitah Lumiere Napa Valley Cabernet Franc 2016

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by Camille Benitah

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89% of 235

Camille says your rare Napa red is “built to last!”

    • If you’re craving the boldest style of Napa wine – the type of power-packed, pungent red that makes world-famous Cabernet taste like an appetizer, you’ve hit the jackpot with Camille’s Cab Franc.

    • Harvested from extremely tiny grapes (smaller the berry, bigger the flavor!) from vineyards perched high in Napa’s eastern hills, this wine was treated to all sorts of high-end winemaking techniques – like hot fermentation – to bring out soft and supple flavors and added richness.
    • ...and to think, without Angels, her dream project would’ve never existed. Camille lost 100% of her grapes to devastating wildfires in 2017 – but you gave her special funding to start again. This saucy Cabernet Franc is your well-earned reward!

USA (Napa Valley)

Cabernet Franc

Big Red

13.50% Alc


Aging advice
If you can help it (and have enough wine to last you!) let this wine sit for a few months at least after you receive it.

Serving advice
Giving it an hour to breathe then pour yourself a nice full glass and enjoy.

Local food match
Best with good friends and rich foods, meats go great!