Carlos Rodriguez Valpopi Ribera del Duero 2016

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by Carlos Rodriguez

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You funded a hidden gem

    • Ribera del Duero (prounouced ree-BEAR-ah del DWEAR-oh) is a hidden gem in the world of Spanish winemaking. It's where those in the know shop for their wines.
    • This is the perfect red wine if you love rich and intense fruit flavors. And the finish? Wheewww. So round and soft. 
    • One of Carlos' contacts tipped him off about an amazing Spanish vineyard... and with the help of Angel funding he snapped it up - that's why this supple and smooth red is allll yours.

Spain (Ribera del Duero)


Smooth Red

14.00% Alc


Aging advice
From now to 2020

Serving advice
60-64ºF, 2-3 hours breathing or decanting

Local food match
Lamb, steak, game and matured cheeses.

Map of the Vineyard