Dunnolly Chardonnay Reserve 2017

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by Nicky Parish

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Estate-grown, barrel-aged Chardonnay - from a legendary family

    • This is Reserve Chardonnay, "Kiwi-style" –  round and gentle with a pop of refined citrus. Nicky made sure it got all the luxury treatments – barrel-aging included!
    • ...Fun fact: It's made by your favorite New Zealand winemaking family – Nicky and Peter Parish (AKA "Sis" and "Dad" to your Napa winemaker, Matt). 
    • With your support, they're producing fine, small-batch wines from their home estate – and loving every minute of it. "There is a lot of love that goes into making this barrel-aged wine," says Nicky. "We want our lovely Angel supporters to get the best wine possible!" 

Aging advice
I would cellar for at least six months after release to really enjoy these beautiful flavors but can be enjoyed once received.

Serving advice
Please serve lightly chilled.This wine is ready to be enjoyed with great company.

Local food match
Normally, I would suggest any of our local Kiwi seafood (scallops in particular) but this wine also is stunning with butterflied BBQed chicken, a leafy green salad and minted new seasoned potatoes.