Antonio Diez Martin Ribera del Duero Crianza 2015

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by Antonio Diez Martin

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Big, sumptuous red from one of Spain's top wine regions

    • If you enjoy Tempranillo, wait 'til you get a taste of this delectable Crianza (a.k.a., Tempranillo that's been aged a year in oak and a year in the bottle)... the rich red fruits, peppery spice and big, luxurious finish will leave your taste buds wanting more.

    • With Angel funding, Antonio harvested grapes from one of Spain's most prestigious wine regions, right on the banks of the Duero river. The stoney river soil make the vines work twice as hard, growing grapes with robust flavor.

    • Your scrumptious red is perfect for savory dishes like juicy rack of lamb with freshly-cracked pepper. (Don’t forget to let it breathe for a bit before sipping.) ¡Salud!

Aging advice
The wine is ready to drink now, but after twelve months in oak it will age very well. The wine will improve over the next two or three years, and will still be excellent in five to seven years.

Serving advice
Open and leave to breathe an hour before serving - at room temperature.

Local food match
Baby roast lamb is the local dish, and it is perfect with this wine. However, I would also recommend serving with game - it is a perfect compelment to that strong gamey flavor.