Michaud Columbia Valley Riesling 2018

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by Justin & Katy Michaud

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Crisp, fruit-driven Riesling from Washington's Columbia Valley

    • Light, fruity and as crisp as a chomp of green apple – this Riesling is the perfect thirst-quencher.

    • Your support allowed Justin and Katy to harvest grapes from two different Columbia Valley regions in order to capture vibrant, complex flavors. “Scrumptious. Refreshing. Simi sweet with a mild citrus finish. This is what an off-dry Washington Riesling is all about!” Justin says.

    • Your refreshing Riesling makes the perfect match spicy noodles and sauces. Katy insists – "It goes great with a spicy curry!" 

USA (Columbia Valley)


Fruity White

13.20% Alc


Aging advice
Riesling can age very well. We made this one to drink right away but it should last 5+ years. Because we focused on bringing out the fruit I think if will be best in the first couple of years.

Serving advice
I like it chilled. The colder it is the more the acidity comes through. I'm willing to sacrifice a little body and aromatics to get that zing. If you let it warm up it will drink a little sweeter, richer and softer.

Local food match
Its hard to get away from the Asian pairings with this wine. It continues to be one of my favorite wine/food pairing options. Even though this is an off-dry Riesling it still goes great with a spicy curry.