Michaud Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2017

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by Justin & Katy Michaud

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Clean and oh-so-crisp white from Washington’s largest wine region

    • This light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is packed with tons of ripe, citrusy flavors – followed by a smooth, lip-smacking finish that’s sure to tease your tongue for more.

    • Katy and Justin hand-selected grapes from Columbia Valley, where the cool-climate helps the grapes to develop balanced flavor – ideal for this crisp Washington white.

    • A mouthwatering white like this was meant for taco night. Pour a glass and load up a tortilla with carne asada, cilantro, diced onions and a squeeze of lime. Food pairing paradise.

USA (Columbia Valley)

Sauvignon blanc

Crisp White

13.20% Alc


Aging advice
Just drink it. It should easily age for 3-5 years but I think it is going to be great right away.

Serving advice
I would served chilled. The colder it is the more the acidity shines through. If you want a little softer feel let it warm up a little.

Local food match
I love Sauvignon Blanc and oysters. I think of it has light and refreshing so would pair with a grilled chicken sandwich with some melted gruyere cheese and a side salad.