ROX Scott Peterson Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2016

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by Scott Peterson

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ROX Scott Peterson Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2017

Rich, robust and retro Chardonnay

    • Scott sniffed out the perfect Sonoma Coast vineyards to bring you a Chardonnay that's full of ripe fruit, but oh-so-balanced and creamy. 
    • Sonoma's windy days and foggy nights preserve all of the fruit's bright flavors, and keep the grapes from ripening too soon. It's all part of the region's magic, according to Scott. "It's got an undeniable yumminess factor," he says.
    • Angel-funding lets Scott chase the best fruit and over-deliver with this intense, primo Chardonnay. But get yours fast - this white has a track record of selling out fast (and breaking hearts in the process.) 

Aging advice
1-2 years

Serving advice
Let the wine warm a bit from the refrigerator, say 15-20 mins to 55 F or will be rewarded with higher aromatic expressions..

Local food match
Scallops, rock cod...dungeness crab