Sam Plunkett Whitegate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

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by Sam Plunkett

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Made with Sam's family vineyards, this wine has won BEST Cabernet in Victoria

    • This stunning Cab is a pure passion project from Whitegate – one of Sam's family vineyards in the elevated and coolish Strathbogie Ranges of Central Victoria. 
    • With its dark inky color and deep berry flavors, this is a powerful, full-bodied, chocolatey-smooth Cabernet – with bragging rights to match. His previous vintage nabbed Gold at both the Sydney International Wine Competition and Le Concours des Vins de Victoria.
    • Because it's Angel funded, this high-end wine is less than $20 for Angels... despite its ultra-limited production!

Aging advice
This wine can be enjoyed as a youngster, but the compact tannins will feel richer if drinking it with a piece of beef or some other protein – softening the tannins. The combination of intense flavor, compact and powerful tannins, and fresh acid give this wine capacity to age. As it matures, it will become increasingly savory as new flavors develop - likely cedar and leather, and the tannins will become smoother. If you can, put it away for a couple of years, and for those with real patience - this is one of those rare wines which will age and develop for up to a decade!

Serving advice
Ideally let it breathe for an hour or so, though in truth we would open it and pour a glass straight away at home. Serve anywhere between 60-64ºF.

Local food match
Great with char grilled beef!