Stefano di Blasi Sicilia Zibibbo Catarratto 2017

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by Stefano di Blasi

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Super crisp white - with one heck of a name...

    • Swanky, elegant, refreshing... this is a hotsy-totsy white – with a beat so crisp, it'll make you tap your toes, wave your fur and ask Jimmy to walk the bass line. 
    • ...But to be clear, Zibibbo Catarratto isn't a jazz tune – it's one of the most ancient (and delicious) white grapes grown in the volcanic hills of Sicily. With its enticing citrus flavors and light refreshing pop, it puts way more pep in your step than any speakeasy.
    • It's rare in the US, sure – outside of Italy, most wine drinkers will never taste it.  Now you have the chance! Stefano's thrilled for you – give it a sip, and let those tastebuds hum a melody.

Aging advice
Drink it within a year

Serving advice
Open it and let it breathe for half an hour

Local food match
This is a southern Mediterranean wine - try it with a mix of Italian and Arabic cuisine and spices, like Sicilian Cous Cous.