Yian Lu Central Coast Pinot Grigio 2017

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by Yian Lu

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David Marchesi North Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Light, refreshing white from the sparkling Central Coast - where California gets its cool

    • Yian’s Pinot Grigio is bright and lively, with scintillating flavors like sun-ripened peaches and a nice, clean finish. Grab a book, a spot in the sun and toss this in the cooler for an instant vacation!

    • Your new Paso Robles winemaker sought out grapes from California’s lush, Central Coast – fermenting juices extra cold and slow to capture all the vibrant flavors for your refreshing Pinot.

    • This zesty white calls for a big bowl of fresh ceviche and extra-crunchy tortilla chips… are you drooling yet?

Aging advice
No aging, enjoy the bottle now!

Serving advice
It's strongly recommended to store the wine in a cool area or at 55F for at least 2 weeks after shipment. Chill to 55F before opening it.

Local food match
Pair with a simple salad, seafood, a cheese plate, grilled chicken, or as an aperitif.