Understanding the Naked Sweet Spot

An Angel's guide to getting the best quality wine for your money

Look for the Sweet Spot medal to find them all around the website

You deserve to get the best value for money when buying your wine, but with thousands of bottles on the market, it can be hard to know where the best deals actually are.

When you buy a bottle of wine that costs $10 or less, most of your money is being spent on bottling and very little on the juice inside.

But production costs are pretty much fixed, so when you spend just a little bit more, all that extra money is going straight into things you can actually taste.

But the best oak barrels and top quality fruit has a maximum cost too, so when you buy crazy expensive wines, most of your money is going into branding, marketing and lining the pockets of fat-cats.

The sweet spot's an area the wine industry would prefer you didn't know about. It's the point where every extra cent you spend on a wine goes directly into buying better fruit, but before fancy wine companies have had chance to charge you for a ton of marketing and hot-air.

Where your money goes

What percentage of your money is going into stuff you can actually taste?

Sweet spot wines
With a bottle of wine that costs $10 or less, most of your money is spent on the cork, bottle and label. Only a fraction of the money went into the fruit.
When you spend just $2 dollars more, the winemaker is able to spend a LOAD more money on the fruit. You pay a tiny bit more, but get a HUGE payback in delicious flavor.
But even the best fruit from the finest vineyards have a maximum cost and once you hit that, the additional money you're spending is just going to pay for marketing, rich middlemen and other stuff you can't taste.

Taste the Sweet Spot

The only way to truly understand the value of sweet spot wines, is to taste them for yourself. So give them a try and if you don't find that spending an extra couple of bucks on these wines is totally worth it, I'll add a credit to your account, no questions asked.