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We are smart enough to know that if we abuse your goodwill by sending irrelevant emails, you will unsubscribe, and tell your friends we are jerks. Not good.

So we just don't do that. We only contact you if we think we have something genuinely useful for you to know.

These are the types of things our customers generally want to know about. But why don't you tell us, and save us guessing?

Tell me when By email On mobile app By sms By post
Welcome process
We put the free bottle in your basket
Other offers we think you'll love
Someone follows me
A social invite I've sent is accepted
Tell me when people post By email On my wall On mobile app
On my naked me wall
A reply to something I've posted
In a group that I've joined
Your posts
When you post, should we share it on Facebook Twitter
And, are you happy for others to share your posts?
Is it ok for us to share some of your data with select partners?
Allow others to see my activity on the site by location (city)

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