Hi there,

The tasting lounges in Kenwood and Napa are closed. Here is the original announcement about the Kenwood tasting lounge:

About 3 years ago we found an opportunity to lease a state-of-the-art winery in Sonoma County. And we'd even get to have a tasting lounge! We didn't know the first thing about running a brick and mortar tasting lounge, but the idea was too fun to pass up - so we put together an all-star team and an army of devoted Angels turned up every week to taste new wines, meet the winemakers, and just enjoy the sunshine in a peaceful spot full of great vibes.

And it turns out that while we were sipping wine and listening to fine music in the sunshine, over 3,500 Angels joined our ranks in that beautiful little piece of Heaven on earth. That's an incredible result that we couldn't have achieved without your support.

And that makes this news very hard to deliver. Our lease at Kenwood came to an end in August, and while we were able to keep the lease on the winery, our landlords wanted to take over the entire tasting lounge, which means we had to close the tasting lounge.

Your Angel support was critical at Kenwood and still is to every vineyard, winery and cellar we fund.

Please don't worry about us. The business is growing very quickly, and of course, you can still get wine on the website and taste at home (every wine is still covered by our unconditional money back guarantee). And our winemakers are all hitting the harvest at full speed, with all the Angel funding they need. We just won't get to party quite as often.

But there will still be parties! We will still get to have a few events a year at the winery, and you'll be a VIP at all of those. And with all our partying bottled up into just a few events a year, you better believe they'll be big, unforgettable shebangs!