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4 months ago

Dear friends

I'm so happy to give you this news! From this week, Qu Chardonnay 2016 is going live!!
Many thanks to the Angels for helping make this possible.

I would like to share some interesting facts about this wine:

*The 2016 season had temperatures lower than a normal year and very early rains, so we needed to overtake the harvest approximately 2 weeks, obtaining a very fruity and fresh wine with good acidity and moderate alcohol level.

*The harvest was made in March 20th, handpicking very early in the morning; this help to keep a low temperature of grapes, and mantain its natural flavors for the fermentation.

*Vinification is carried out in stainless steel tanks. All process is developed at low temperatures (12 to 16°C). Once fermentation is started, 50% of the juice is moved to oak barrels to complete the process and kept with their lees for 8 months until the final blend. This brings to the wine a greater smoothness in mouth and differents flavors, like vanilla and caramel.

I really hope you enjoy this new vintage and let me know your comments about the wine!

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Oh what a happy day! I'm looking forward to ordering! Thank you for sharing the details of your wonderful Chardonnay

4 months ago


Hi Karen
You are very welcome!, thank you!!
Warm regards
Irene Paiva

4 months ago

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