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6 months ago

Dear Angels,
Thank you for supporting me in my wine making and for loving the wines that I make. There is no bigger accolade for any winemaker. Your lovely posts are just such a huge inspiration to me (even if it simply says “I like this”) and they make me proud to be part of the Naked family.

I would also like to share with you that in January the Naked Angels had a second donation day for the school children of the Western Cape in South Africa. The Angels managed to raise a whopping 70,000 pound,equivalent to $ 85673,00 or in our currency R 1114502,94 . This enables us to continue providing a breakfast and lunch, at 6 under privileged schools here in the Cape. Because of the continued support from that provides a platform to raise these funds and the humbling selfless efforts from the Angels, this feeding program is a reality for yet another year.

If you should ask me what my biggest success story or achievement for the past two years is, my answer without a doubt, will be that I am so proud to be part of this family, a family that cares not only for me as a winemaker but, also for supporting me in making an immeasurable difference to the lives of children they don’t even know personally.

Thank You Angels for making me part of this amazing family.

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Dear Carmen,
Even though I cannot purchase your wine (New York State restricts me to wines finished at the shipping winery), my heart does flip-flops each time I read of your work with these school children - and Naked Wines' wholehearted support of it. Makes ME proud to be part of NW, also!

Best wishes,
Carol Lynn

6 months ago


I am happy to support your efforts through my NW purchases. I am so proud of the work you are doing. I will continue to look for your wines specifically when I order. May the ancestors gird you in protection.

6 months ago


That's great news!!!

6 months ago

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