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A true Napa Queen

    Years Angel-funded: 2013-18

    • Bridget was born and raised in the heart of Napa Valley, strolling through vineyards, foot stomping grapes, and having grape fights with her brother.
    • Wine country childhood memories aside, she's also perfectly situated to know where all the best vineyards are, and she's got the connections to get her hands on the best fruit. These days, she owns Courtesan Wines, producing rich reds from the heart of Oakville. 
    • With Angel funding, Bridget had a blast introducing wine drinkers around the world to the Napa wines she loves. It's amazing what a real Napa native can do in the region!

Bridget Raymond's Story

Raised among the vines in the heart of the Napa Valley, Bridget picked grapes, stomped them, make “wine” …..all at the age of 9!

Ok, the first batch may not have turned out so well, but many harvests later Bridget is crafting some fantastic wine. Best known for her lux Napa Cabs and blends she was ecstatic to join the crew at to make wines at a price everyone can afford.

“I’m so grateful to all the angels that have allowed me to make wine from my hometown of Oakville. I grew-up playing in the vineyards and I still do today. I never get tired of visiting the grapes, it’s so beautiful and serene out there” I started making my own brand of wines in my mid-twenties, so I could make wine in the style I preferred without any corporate say-so . I wanted to make the types of blends that made people go “wow!” Everyone knows how much I love to put together blends, it’s the creative side of winemaking, the art of winemaking … plus they say women winemakers have amazing palates! Making wine for Naked Angels has allowed me to continue to do this, but on a larger scale and without the headaches. I can focus more on winemaking which allows me more time to meet all of you.

I look forward to raising a glass!"

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Jill Willson Flying Naked in the Rockies
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Kicking back in the Rockies and enjoying all this wine :)

Carol Palkki-Sarna
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Since my better half and I have found Naked Wines it has taken us to a different level! A different level in food preparation a different level in social interaction and a different level in just plain old enjoyment of life! Our journey has just begun and we have learned to slow down, breathe and go to places we never thought we would! Thank you Naked Wines for enlightening us and giving us the chance to be part of a wonderful creation of superb wines! Cheers!