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A classic Chilean Winemaker

    • Claudio is the new winemaker for Mistral wines, we are thrilled to be working with him!
    • He is taking over the helm from the lovely Maria who is spreading her winemaking wings at a winery in Portugal
    • Claudio comes from a family of winemakers and we are looking forward to seeing what he will bring to the Mistral wines

Claudio Villouta's Story


"Hello to all the Naked customers. My name is Claudio and I am the new winemaker here at Mistral wines. I am very proud to have taken over the winemaking from Maria who is now making wines in Portugal. I am excited to be working with Naked Wines and look forward to hearing what you think of the wines I create.

A bit about me… I decided to go into winemaking when I was at university. It was an easy choice. I had been around vineyards most of my life, because I have family with vineyards.

I love to see the “birth, growth, and development” of the grapes in the vineyard and then go on to discover their characteristics to make wines with their own style.

My biggest achievements so far have been becoming recognized in the world of winemaking, creating new products, being on the forefront in introducing ecological technology in Chile, and of course, being the winemaker for Vinos Mistral.

I see huge potential in the quality of our vineyards and therefore in the grapes. I think it’s interesting to have a broad range of varieties, which helps us develop different wines that improve year after year in order to surprise our consumers.

There has been trials along the way. The truth is that everyone makes mistakes over the years. The important thing is to be able to learn from them and not repeat them. In the world of winemaking, making mistakes means that you are working hard and experimenting more than usual, and therefore can have make better products.

Please do write to me and let me what you think!"

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