Constanza Schwaderer


She's brilliantly talented – and you helped to get her going

  • Constanza is an award-winning winemaker with great pedigrees and oodles of 90+ Parker scores. She had a nice job at big time Chilean wineries.
  • But when they tried to promote a small group of indie winemakers in Chile, she lost it – for defending the little guy. Now, with Angel funding, she's back to making the wines she loves – and doing a heck of a job!
  • If you love juicy wines, Connie is going to knock your socks off every day of the week with big fruity wines that always overdeliver.

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Constanza and Felipe's Story

We had her, you loved her

Constanza Schwaderer was one of our most popular winemakers when we launched. Her delicious wines were a part-time project whilst she worked for a larger producer earning them oodles of medals, including Gold at the International Wine Challenge.

We lost her

Trouble was, her employer also supplied Direct Wines. Some of you know that DW don't like us much, and so much to the disappointment of her loving Naked following, the supply was unceremoniously cut off! Since then, it?s been very quiet on the Constanza front.

We got her back!

Not only do we have Constanza back, we also have her equally talented husband too - they're going it alone and with the combined experience these two have, this is very exciting news. Instead of winning awards for their employers, Constanza and Felipe's new wines are entirely their own personal creation.

"Constanza's wines are a cut above - but where has she gone? We miss her!" Tom S, Connie lover!

Make no mistake, they will be famous

These guys are big news in Chile. They've won loads of awards and are very passionate about their work. In short, their own project is going to produce stunning wines - which one day will carry a stunning price tag to match.

Constanza 's Archangels

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