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The heirs of Carneros' winemaking dynasty

    Years Angel-funded: 2012-18

    • Dalia and Everardo have been friends their entire lives and winery neighbors nearly as long. Both watched (and lent helping hands) to their parents, the Cejas and the Robledos, as each rose to impressive winemaking fame– and built two of the biggest winemaking dynasties in Napa.
    • Their bright and vivacious Carneros wines (and brilliant food recommendations) amassed this duo a major Angel following, with thousands watching their every wine move!
    • Dalia is currently Director of Sales & Marketing at Ceja Vineyards. Sonoma winemaker Everardo is heading up his family's iconic winery, too - as Winemaker/CEO for Robledo Family Vineyards.

Dalia Ceja & Everardo Robledo's Story

Napa area winemakers Dalia and Everardo have been friends their entire lives– and winery neighbors nearly as long. Both watched (and lent helping hands) to their parents, the Cejas and the Robledos, as each rose to impressive winemaking fame. Together, their families are the major Carneros dynasties– and their wines have contributed hugely to the region’s success.

"I have been surrounded by wine, food and travel my entire life,” said Dalia. “I may have grown up in the wine industry,  but I come from very humble beginnings. In the late 1960s, my grandparents emigrated from Mexico to the U.S., settling in Napa to work in the vineyards.”

Dalia’s parents, Amelia & Pedro Ceja, along with uncle Armando Ceja, founded Ceja Vineyards in 1999– going down in viticultural history as one of the first Mexican-American families to own a winery in the Napa Valley. “With my parents as my role models, education and hard work have been the forefront of my drive to excel,” said Dalia.


Ceja has established itself as a winery with incredibly vivacious style (and culinary prowess to match). With over 500 wineries in Napa County alone, it takes a lot for a vintner stand out from the pack. According to Dalia, Ceja Vineyards’ success lies in its humble, authentic roots: “It's been about family, and taking wine to a new level,” she said, adding that “being a Ceja means being part of [wine’s] evolution, which includes promoting awareness of authentic Mexican cuisine and its subtle, complex flavors—the perfect companion for pairings that yield a new wine experience.”



The Robledo Family Winery story began when family patriarch and Michoacan-born Reynaldo Robledo left Mexico to work for the Christian Brothers Winery in Napa Valley. After three decades of working in the vines, Reynaldo founded his own vineyard management company, purchasing over 300 acres of fruit in Napa and neighboring counties. His amassed properties and experience, along with his family’s support and urging, launched Robledo Family Winery in 2003.

Like Ceja, Robledo carries an undeniable signature style. Known for its robust and rustic winemaking, Robledo’s impressive wine portfolio spans three counties and thirteen varietals. According to Everardo, the key to his family winery’s success is in its consideration for every part of the growing process.  Wines are mostly made in the vineyard,” he said– and his years of careful attention to soil and the cycles of nature show up in the wines he produces.

The Robledo drive for success definitely runs strong– When he is not in the fields or overseeing the winemaking process, Everardo somehow finds the energy to serve as Robledo Family Winery’s CEO.



These young impressive Latinos have one common interest that outshines the rest– ambition. Their collaborative label, La Tapatia, is the perfect example of what happens when you give two passionate winemakers the chance to step out of their parents’ shadow– and find an authentic style all their own.

“We're 3rd and 4th generation Mexican-American vintners who have watched our parents overcome all odds to go from vineyard workers (campesinos) to winery owners,” said Dalia. “We represent the next generation, and together we are focused on making beautifully balanced and handcrafted wines!”


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