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Gianfranco & Serena's Wines

Dad's a famous Barolo consultant, Daughter's a rockstar indie winemaker

    Years Angel-funded: 2014-18

    • This father and daughter combo are mega-qualified Italian winemakers and consultants who make beautiful Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Arneis wines from Piedmont.
    • They started producing their own wine in 2006 when they decided to take on Serena's grandfather Teresio's vineyard so they could keep on working in his memory, and let their land be known all over the world.
    • Gianfranco is one of the reasons Barolo is known as the King of Wines, and - with the help of Angel funding - Serena is ushering in a new generation of northern Italian wines with balance, elegance and flavor. 

Map of the Vineyard

 Gianfranco & Serena Cordero's Story

 "Ciao Angels!

It's Serena Cordero - together with my father Gianfranco, we make wines in Piedmont (the Northern part of Italy) and we're very proud to be able to share them with all of you.
My father was born in 1958 in Priocca d'Alba, in the Roero Area, one of the most important viticultural areas in Piedmont. Coming from a farmer's family, he got his start studying Oenology at the age of 14 (even though his parents wanted him to focus on religion and prayer!) He first created an oenological laboratory, and then later became a winemaking group consultant.
Years later, his passion for the wine world was transmitted to me. Ever since I was little, I've followed my father's footsteps. We've been working together as winemakers ever since I graduated from the University of Viticulture and Oenology in Turin.
2006 marked the first year we started producing our own wine. We decided to take on my grandfather Teresio's vineyard, located near the house where my father was born. It's a way to keep on working in his father's memory.
Us working together as winemakers and father and daughter is not as easy as it would seem, but our common passion for this job and great patience with each other is the secret!
There is nothing better than creating something as special as wine with your own hand... starting from planting the vineyard, to bottling your final product. It really makes you feel one with the earth!

Our wine is all a result of coming together as father and daughter– a blend our contrasting personalities, always so far but so close to each other at the same time. That's what you get when you combine the ideas and experiences of an old bearded man and a young, crazy girl!
Every moment in this job is great. For my father, the "great" comes in meeting with customers who appreciate our wines and the story behind them. My favorite moments are in the time spent in the vineyard and the cellar... Harvest especially, when I spend countless days and nights near the tank. That's when hard work doesn't feel so difficult for me. The greatest moment for us both is the 'ending harvest' party, a dinner with friends and colleagues, drinking good wines, having fun and talking about the work we've done.
Every day, we try to work harder and harder in order to let our land (Alba and the Roero area) be known all over the world.
Making wine is our job, but also our greatest passion... and we are really happy to share it with all of you, my dear Angels!"

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