Irene  Paiva

Irene Paiva


Made the legendary Sena wine, one of Chile's most expensive bottles

  • Irene has had a hand in making most of the top wines in Chile
  • With over 20 years experience, she is a highly sought-after winemaking consultant
  • Consultant projects aside, Irene is branching out and doing her own thing, with mouth-watering results!

Map of Irene 's vineyard

Irene Paiva's Story

"Hello fellow wine lovers. I am very pleased to be working with Naked Wines with my very first own release!

I have toiled for many large vineyards for 20 years as a winemaker but have found true pleasure in creating my own wine.

Growing up in the city, I found I was at my happiest on holidays in the countryside -  which led me to study Agriculture at University. It was there that I soon discovered my passion for wines and decided to specialise in wine making. Once I graduated and began work, I soon went on to work for some of the most renowned wine producers in Chile.

After working on mainly a consultancy basis for the last few years I couldn't wait to get back to more hands-on wine making.

Naked Wines (and yourselves of course!) have given me the opportunity to plant my own 5 acres. My Château as I like to call it! Because my wines are being sold while they'e being made, it gives me far more time to focus on the wines themselves without having to spend my time marketing and selling them. It also saves me about 40% off my normal costs, so that money can be channelled back into the wines to help increase quality.

I love making wines on a human scale. The extra love and attention they receive really shines through. Its great to get back to handling the wines through every stage. From picking the grapes to bottling and labelling the finished product myself. What could be more satisfying?!"

Irene 's Archangels

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Anthony Chavez

1457 Posts • 816 Likes • 103 Followers

From wine to tea, there is nothing better then a great drink to bring people together!

Karen Smith

7589 Posts • 5,244 Likes • 322 Followers

I love cooking with wine ... Sometimes I even put it in the food!
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