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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Keith Hock Exit 43 California Bollicine in Bianco 2016

California's BEST sparkling winemaker

    • Keith is undeniably California’s best sparkling winemaker. He made sparkling wines for Schramsberg earning over thirty 90+ scores from Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator.

    • But those 90+ scores weren’t enough, working for the most esteemed wineries can limit your creativity and Keith craved the freedom to make the wines HE wanted to make.

    • Thanks to Angel funding, Keith now has the complete freedom to use his creative powers, making mind-blowing wines on his own terms, exclusively for Angels.

Keith Hock's Story

We’re very very excited to announce that our Angels made a move in April to hire a sparkling winemaker from the very top of the top… the absolute cream of the crop.

Keith made what many consider to be the best Californian sparkling wine…

  • Medals, scores, and prestige galore
    • Over thirty 90+ scores in Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast
    • This wine won “Best Overall Wine” and “Best Sparkling Wine” at the Sydney International Wine Competition
  • It is served to anybody who is anybody:
    • Served in Michelin-starred restaurants
    • Served by every Presidential administration since Nixon
    • Served to Queen Elizabeth
    • Served in Hollywood
    • Served in Space (literally! to astronauts and cosmonauts!)
  • The winemaker caused a big stir in April when he announced his departure to pursue “independent projects”
  • And it’s our great pleasure to reveal that our Angels were the ominous independent project all the rumors were about!


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Patty Collins in VT
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A glass of wine a good book and a great dog on a warm summer day. That is pure heaven.

Michael Sarna-Naked in Nashville
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Bonnie Urban
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“Beer is made by men, wine by God.” Martin Luther