Macario Montoya


Spanish-variety specialist makes high-end Californian wine

  • Macario’s been a cellar rat doing all the grunt work at super premium wineries in Napa and Sonoma. But it's always Cab Cab Cab.
  • He's gotten a lot of attention for using Mediterranean grapes in California. But he keeps hearing that his wines are "too edgy for the market to handle". 
  • He's just edgy enough for the Angels, and we are stunned at what Mediterranean grapes can do in Californian soil with the guidance of an experienced winemaker.

Macario Montoya's Story

 “To make good wine, you need good grapes. We are really beholden to mother nature. Every year the vineyards grow differently and produce fruit with different qualities. It is my job as a winemaker to fine tune these different qualities and produce a great wine that reflects the vintage with a little bit of my personal touch.

Having angel funding has allowed me to explore new possibilities. As a winemaker I am constantly trying to push the envelope and see what new things I can create.

Wine transcends borders and Angel funding allows me to be a little more daring since I know the Angels will be eager to try the new wines we’re creating together!”

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Kathleen M. Mason

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Charlotte DC Williams

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I learned to love wine in 2003, from my wine-loving in-laws in Germany. My favorite wine ever is Grauburgunder from my homeland. I mostly drink dry "interesting" whites and bold reds. I love indigenous grapes from less-common wine regions. I love visiting wineries in my wine-producing sta

Anthony Chavez

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From wine to tea, there is nothing better then a great drink to bring people together!

Jan Waite-Schuster (Naked in WI)

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