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A much acclaimed and up and coming German winemaker

    • Peter Klein won the second place this year in Germany's Young Winemaker of the Year' competition!
    • Peter's Riesling Trocken, is a Classic German Rielsing on the dry side
    • Winemaking simply flows through Peter's blood he is the 14th Generation of Klein's working as a winemaker, producing wine is part of our family heritage and make up

Map of the Vineyard

Peter Klein's Story

"The story of our winery began 350 years ago when my ancestor Wolff Klein bought his first vineyard in our village. The tradition to grow grapes and produce wine has since been passed down from generation to generation. I am the 14th Generation of Klein?s working as a winemaker and hence, producing wine is part of our family heritage.

The great thing about being a winemaker is that every day is different.

Due to the size of our winery, I am involved in all activities, starting from working in the vineyards and the cellar to being in contact with customers and other winemakers. Another great aspect about being a winemaker is the contact to nature. The thorough understanding of nature is necessary to be able to produce great wines and therefore, spending time outside and observe nature is a very important and fascinating aspect about my profession. Finally, the appreciation by customers completes the picture and makes the job of a winemaker to one of the most rewarding in my opinion.

My wine is a reflection of me and my region, I always stay focused on the style, ensure that the quality is produced in the vineyard and I never think that you have produced the perfect wine, you can always be better!

The best wine I have ever tried was a "2006 Riesling Loibner Berg von F.X. Pichler / Wachau". I have worked at the F.X. Pichler estate for some months and would call him my big role model..the experience was invaluable.

This year I am the runner up of the "German Young Winemaker Trophy" and hence the best young winemaker in my region! However, every positive critique and every appreciation by customers is a great moment.

If I could invite anyone to dinner to share a bottle of my finest then I would love to invite my my ancestors to philosophize about winemaking in the past and present

Finally a amusing story that links in quite well with my wine now being available at Naked...after taking a bath one I was up for a glass of sparkling wine. Since I wasn't feeling like getting dressed, I was naked when I went to the cellar to get a bottle. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a key and the door slammed behind me. So I got my sparkling wine but was locked out naked in front of our house!"

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