Pierre Latard

People should buy my wines because it is great taste and goes with every food

  • 4th generation winemaker and a Master graduate in viticulture, what Pierre doesn't know about winemaking isn't worth knowing
  • Pierre's wines come from one of the best villages in the Rhone. In fact, they're soon to be awarded their own appellation. Get in now before his prices go up
  • Our Angel customers can't get enough of Pierre. So much so, they keep insisting we add more wines to the range. So we have. Enjoy!

Map of Pierre 's vineyard

Pierre 's Story

"I love working closely with nature, and it's a delight to create a product which gives people such pleasure."

"Winemaking is a family passion for me, and a business through generations. I have travelled all over the world for the love of wine including Australia, Uruguay and New Zealand, where I have worked on several estates.

I love working closely with nature, and it's a delight to create a product which gives people such pleasure. The variety of the job is also very appealing each vintage we produce is different and new.

There are certain unfortunate things that come with being a winemaker, including wine-stained hands, lips and teeth (and having to wear plastic boots all the time), but they're worth putting up with!

If I were to offer advice for what makes a good winemaker, there are several things I would say -

  • Be passionate about what you do
  • Take great care of the vineyard
  • Have an environmental conscience
  • Regularly taste the wines

But out of all of these points, the first is the most important you must love the job you do!"

A few Naked Extras about Pierre -

  • He's once worked in 45 degree heat to nurture his vines
  • His vineyard is environmentally friendly and they employ sustainable and organic practices
  • Pierre's favourite wines are Chteauneuf de Pape, Henri Bonneau and Hermitage 1983, La Chapelle
  • His favourite wine region second to France is South Africa
  • He compares himself to a bottle of Gigondas robust and a long-time living!
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