Stephen de Wet

South Africa

a BIG name in South African winemaking

  • With more top ratings than any other Winemaker, our UK Angels selected Stephen as Winemaker of the Year, 2009.
  • Growing his grapes in the stunningly beautiful Robertson Valley, Stephen De Wet is the 15th generation to be making wines on his farm.
  • And the critics agree. He has won Double Gold not once but twice! Double Gold Veritas Wine Awards 2003 and Michelangelo Double Gold 2007. He also won Best Value Wine Award for 6 years running, Wine Magazine, 2006 to 2011.

Video of Stephen

Map of Stephen's vineyard

Stephen's Story

"My greatest pleasure has been to start my winery from scratch, with the help of my wife and two children Nicky and Jamie."

"If I had my life over, I would ask for nothing more than to be involved with my two passions - as I am now - wine and horses.

My greatest pleasure has been to start Arabella, my winery, from scratch in 2006. With the help of my children Nicky and Jamie, it's turned into a real family business where everyone is completely dedicated.

My family owned a wine farm and cellar when I was growing up, and at the age of 17, before I went off to the army, my mother put me to work in the cellar. I absolutely loved it - and my mother arranged for me to do a one year student course at Geisenheim (the home of a well-known research and education centre in oenology and viticulture). So winemaking was something I knew I wanted to do from a young age...

I love the creativity involved in being a winemaker. Although the weather can play a role, every step taken, from the vineyard, through to the cellar, to the bottling, will affect the outcome of the wine. It's vital to have a very clear idea of what the outcome should be, and the steps needed in the process, to achieve the desired result.

Are we a green winery? Yes, very. All our waste water is used to irrigate our pastures, no detergents are used, and grape skins and stalks are converted into compost and used in the vineyard."

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