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The accountant turned winemaker

    • Todd is based in the fabulous Barossa valley and is producing some seriously premium wines
    • They are still a small winery, only producing 3000 cases per year...truly boutique wines!
    • This multi award winning winemaker takes the most pleasure from people simply enjoying his wines

Map of the Vineyard

Todd Riethmuller's Story

"Like a lot of other Winemakers, making wine was not my first choice of career. I am sorry to say that I started off my working life as an Accountant. However, I am glad that this career path did not last long. I was in my late 20’s living and working as an Accountant in the wilds of Papua New Guinea (a small country just north of Australia) when I decided that I needed to do something else. At about the same time my wife and I took a month long holiday through France and it was after going though Champagne and Burgundy that I decided I need to be involved in the wine industry.

So from Papua New Guinea we moved to Adelaide, South Australia to complete my Winemaking degree at the University of Adelaide. I must say, before holidaying in France and researching Winemaking I didn’t know there was a University degree in Winemaking, if only I would have known this before I started studying Accounting I could have saved myself buying a lot pin striped suits!!  

The best thing about making wine is the idea of turning a simple grape into something that gives a great deal of people a lot of pleasure. Also, I probably have also helped create a few relationships over the years between people who have had a few too many glasses of Black Tongue Shiraz (and for that matter maybe help break a couple up!!)

All my wine are single estate wines, they are not blended. So what you are tasting represents a specific location or terroir and the wine is the flavour of that part of the Barossa Valley. My wines are meant to be enjoyed, and especially enjoyed with friend while eating great food.
I have just been tasting all my wines out of barrel from the 2010 Vintage and they are sensational. The 2010 vintage was considered one of the best in the last 10 years. The colours are immense and vibrant and the weight in the mouth is outstanding.

I guess some of my awards that I take most pleasure from are...

2004 Black Tongue Shiraz being awarded 5 stars in the Winestate magazine in 2006
2006 Toddle GSM awarded the Trophy for best GSM at the 2007 Barossa Wine Show.
2007 and 2008 Ruth Miller Riesling being award Gold Medals at the Barossa Wine Show

I really hope you like my wine, I would love to hear what you think!



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