• She's made cult wines that fly out the door for $150 a bottle – and you've funded her incredible Napa reds for far less...
  • But THIS gem? Well, Camille's made a world-class red with the most incredible savings yet – and she used fruit from a super secret region to keep a stellar quality. 
  • Camille's made something incredibly special – for UNDER $15. It's all for you. Enjoy this extravagant treat while it lasts (it won't be around for long!)

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
This wine is made to be drunk earlier rather than later. I would wait 3 months after receiving to fully enjoy it, and do not let it sit more than 10 years. It should be beautiful in 2018-2019 though....

Serving advice
Enjoy it with food and friends!

Local food match
I think it will pair excellent with some bbq, or even better roasted hearty vegetable or a pork roast.