• Winemakers don't come much more talented and passionate than Carmen. She's weaved her magic on a premium, pure and pristine Sauvignon Blanc- and it's absolutely gorgeous.
  • You helped Carmen to secure the very best grapes and give them oodles of TLC... to make a seriously top-shelf Sauvignon for her beloved Angels.
  • Sip freely with a big steaming bowl of creamy mussels.

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
This SBL is beautiful and fresh now, but because of the fullness to the palate this wine will age beautifully. The beautiful tinned peach and guava fruit will fade with time and in return, will show a lovely blanched asparagus expression.

Serving advice
SBl must be enjoyed cold, but not ice cold. Angels will find, if too cold the beautiful characteristics are hidden. I love enjoying this wine at 14 15 C, were most of the true flavors will come to the fore

Local food match
This South African SBL can be enjoyed with most summer dishes. I love it with brunch were poached eggs, asparagus and a Hollandaise sauce is served. This SBl will cut through the richness of the sauce and will give your palate just the right refreshing feel to the palate to take the next bite